Arnold Kotlyarevsky

Arnold Kotlyarevsky
Me and my niece

Birthday: 9.17.1987
Hometown: Syosset, NY
Current City: Ithaca, NY


About me:

I am a student pursuing my doctorate in the physical sciences.  I am also a martial artist, sword collector, and craftsman.  Working with my hands comes easily to me, and my interest in origami naturally follows from my ability to be distracted with even the most mundane of objects...oooh shiny!


About my origami:

I began folding paper in third grade when I was told to write an instructional guide to performing a reasobaly simple task and then present it to the class. I proceeded to go to the library where I found a book on origami which featured a model called the waterbomb.  Long story short, I think I got a D on the assignment, but this began my origami adventure. School never interested me much as a youth, and I quickly discovered that experimenting with origami was a much more productive way to pass the time than straining to focus my wandering mind on monotonous class lectures.  By the end of high school, I began taking my origami studies seriously, dabbling in a little bit of everything including representational origami, modular origami, and tessellations.  Now, even as I pursue my doctorate in physics, my fascination with origami continues to grow.  I am constantly inspired by the works of Michael LaFosse, Dr. Robert J. Lang, and Satoshi Kamiya (among others), and one day I hope to be as accomplished as they are.  I created this website to track my progress as an amateur origamist and hopefully entertain my viewers with my artwork.


Favorite quotes:
Luke: I dont believe it!

Yoda: That is why you fail