Hello, my name is Arnold Kotlyarevsky, and I am the artist featured on Arnold's Origami.  I use this website to display my recent origami creations and to publicly document the process behind my favorite origami pieces.  For recent updates on my origami projects, I encourage you to read my blog, which can be found on my home page.  Feel free to comment on my blog posts and let me know what you think about my artwork.  If you care to know more about me, click on the About Arnold link to view a brief description of my life.  Any other questions you might have for me can be directed to my personal email via the contact page.


Although my blog features only a fraction of my origami creations, you can view the complete collection of my work in my photo gallery.  This portion of my website will be updated most frequently, as I do not have the time to update my blog regularly.  As I continue to fold new origami models, I am also trying to get a hold of older pieces of artwork (which are currently in the posession of my parents) so that I can photograph them and post them online.


If you have any exposure to the larger origami community, you will notice that almost all of my representational work is largely stolen from the giants of origami: Robert Lang, Michael LaFosse, and Eric Joisel.  I will do my best to credit the artists whenever possible, and I hope I don't do their designs any disservice.


Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to my dear friend, Evelyn Stamey, who is the founder of Arnold's Origami and the photographer of my artwork.  She also provides me with endless support when I am knees deep in my origami projects.




Recently I have chosen to use Flikr as a repository for all of the pictures taken of my origami, regardless of their quality. I mindlessly throw them up there before I figure out which pictures I feel are good enough for my blog. The pictures featured on the front page and photos section will typically be of the highest quality (barring a catastrophic failure of judgement), however, there may still be other photos worth checking out on my Flikr.