Satoshi Kamiya's Divine Dragon (aka Bahamut)

15 Tries!
The Divine Dragon Designed by Satoshi Kamiya

I have finally harpooned my personal white whale: The Divine Dragon (Bahamut) by Satoshi Kamiya. This model has eluded me for months now and is largely responsible for the gap in updates earlier this summer. After fifteen seperate tries at the Divine Dragon, eight and a half hours of folding, and two hours of shaping, I am happy to say I am satisfied with the result.

When I first looked over the folding sequence in The Works of Satoshi Kamiya, it said that the Bahamut was 275 steps, which--at that time--was far and away the most complicated model I would ever attempt. But it looked so interesting! Four toes on each foot, five fingers on each hand, three claws on the wings, a segmented tail, pectoral muscles, eyes, ears, mouth, and five horns all achieved in one uncut square of paper. I had to atleast try it, right? And try I did. Fifteen times, in fact. This was due, in part, to the general numbering systems' gross understimate in steps. See, it says 275, but what it fails to declare is that at least fifty of those steps had to be repeated two, sometimes three, times or more. So, in all it take about 400 individual steps to complete the Divine Dragon.


Completing the Bahamut was a grueling decathalon unto itself. So many of the steps required inctricate, and often challenging folds.  It was a serious test of my skill and patience. I am glad it is over. I would warn anyone attempting this model to do some light calisthenics and deep stretching to prepare.


I folded this model from one uncut square of black/black double tissue. The square was approximately 54cm X 54cm. This model also marks another major change in my origami: I have finally aquired Methyl Cellulose! I used the Methyl Cellulose for the shaping and I am really liking the results. It has a much more natural appearance and leaves no visible traces after it dries. Here is a really good (and cheap!) product that contains Methyl Cellulose.


More pics of my model can be found here.

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    Evelyn (Thursday, 11 August 2011 19:33)

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

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    jono blake (Friday, 12 August 2011 03:33)

    dude that is amazing very well folded

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    Gerardo (Friday, 12 August 2011 23:12)

    So I finally met the famous Bahamut. Congratulations Arnold... it looks amazing! Boy, are you persistant ; )

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