Back Log Files: Chris Palmer's Flower Tower

This was achieved by the decreeping method!
Flower Tower designed by Chris Palmer

I actually have a few origami projects I have finished a while ago. I am going to be writing posts for all of these, some of which have already made special guest appearances in the photo gallery.


Today's feature is Chris Palmer's Flower Tower. This model is interesting, because it is less a specific model and more of a method to achieve any one of many possible variants. There are several prominent variants that are revealed by a quick google search. Actually, I managed to independantly discover some variations in my own experiments some years ago...but they were not so pretty.  After seeing Between The Folds, a PBS documentary on origami, which featured Chris Palmer and his enchanting tower, I decided to investigate a particular vairant. This variant utilizes the 'de-creeping' method.  De-creeping consists of repeated un-sinks to release extra paper trapped inside the layers of the tower.


It is a small source of embarressment for that it took me the better part of a year and a half to finally understand the construction of the model pictured above. But, I must say, I am genuinely happy with the results.


For this project I used Kraft paper often used by many on the Origami Forums. It is a sturdy, slightly stiff paper that is striped in appearance. It is very good for some complex projects because it come in rolls and thus large sheet can be made from it. It seems especially suitable for tessellations, and it worked great for my flower tower!

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