Sipho Mabona's Swallow

Swallow designed by Sipho Mabona
Swallow designed by Sipho Mabona

If I had an origami model of the month, I would definitely say that this would be it. Sipho Mabona's swallow is such a joy to fold; I don't really know how to describe it. I found the instructions for this model in a YouTube video.  You can find it at the bottom of origami related videos here. The difficulty of this model is intermidiate, and you need to be picky about what sort of paper you use, but if you get it right, oh man, this will impress everyone! 


The model pictured above was made from 'tissue foil' I got from This paper works exceptionally well, and I would recommend it for this and a number of other projects. I have also had some success with the homemade variety of tissue foil. You can see a how-to guide for making this kind of paper in the paper making section here. This model will even work with regular origami paper (kami), but you have to be really careful when forming the head.  The paper will want to rip, as the layers can get a little thick.

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