Robert Lang's Long Horn Beetle

This is a lot harder than it looks!
Long Horn Beetle designed by Robert J. Lang

Hello, sorry for the long hiatus, but I have been having a mess of a time trying to fold new models.  After seemingly countless failures, I decided to try a model that had stumped me earlier this year:  the Long Horn Beetle, designed by Robert Lang. This model can be found in Origami Insects II by Robert Lang. I can't recommend this book enough. Every model is excellently diagrammed and each one is a very interesting lesson in origami. I suspect that my next set of models will be from this book. Getting to the point, the longhorn beetle had confounded my best efforts in the past, and I am very happy to present to you my most recent (and quite successful) attempt.  One section of the diagramming sequence was especially difficult to fold for me: the narrowing of the antennae. This section forced me to fail at least half a dozen times. So, when I finally decided to retry it this time, I precreased the narrowed sections. Additionally, in order to make this region more accessible during the narrowing steps, I decided to unsink the "crotch" of folds that form the base of the antennae, then I re-sank the "crotch" to return the model to the prescribed sequence. 


I folded the long horn beetle from a black/black double tissue using the glossier side as the visible surface. I did that hoping that it would imitate the shiny quality of insect chitin. This model was a blast to fold and shape, and I hope I can find a suitably nice piece of paper to do the model a bit more justice than this version. 


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