Michael LaFosse Squirrel

Michael LaFosse Squirrel
Squirrel designed by Michael LaFosse

This is my second attempt at Micahel LaFosse's squirrel, whose diagrams can be found in Advanced Origami by Michael LaFosse. The base of the squirrel was not particularly hard to fold, but the final shaping was tricky, especially with regard to the head and feet.  Unfortunately, my first attempt at the squirrel left me with a comically small head.  I also needed to improvise a new design for the feet because I could not get the squirrel to stand using the proposed feet design.


I folded the squirrel from triple tissue using one layer of brown tissue paper and two layers of an off-whiteish tissue paper. I liked folding the triple tissue paper (even though it was a little stiff) particularly because it took creases very well, and it was much easier to reverse the creases than when using double tissue. Shaping this paper was a bit of a hassle, but I am really happy with the result.  I definitely think it is definitely the cutest thing I have folded.

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