Brian Chan's One-Sheet Rose

Brian Chan's One-Sheet Rose
One-Sheet Rose designed by Brian Chan

These are my first two attempts at the one-sheet rose designed by Brian Chan. I really love this model because it is so clever. The whole thing—rosebud, calyx, stem and leaves—is made from one sheet of paper, as the name suggests. The best part is, the rose isn't all that hard!  You get a lot of origami bang for your buck. I am just really impressed with the design.


Anyway, the red/green rose is folded from tissue foil, and the yellow/green one is folded from double tissue. Each medium produced different results, and I am really happy with both. The tissue foil was much easier to shape, but the final rose looks a bit clunky. The double tissue was easier to fold and collapse, but the final shaping was a bit of an ordeal, though it did produce a skinnier stem and more realistic calyx.

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