Robert J. Lang Tarantula

Robert J. Lang Tarantula
Double Tissue Tarantula

I got this tarantula design from Robert J. Lang's book entitled Origami Insects II.  The anatomy of the tarantula makes for a very complicated crease pattern, and this particular model took me about 12 hours to fold.  To construct the tarantula, I used my very own black and brown double tissue paper.  As a pleasant surprise, I accidentally made the paper so that it was black on one side and a splotchy brownish-black on the other.  The splotchiness of the paper gave the tarantula a more organic look and really enhanced its overall appearance. As of yet, I haven't been able to replicate the splotchy effect in other pieces of double tissue, but hopefully I will some day.


The tarantula above is my third attempt at this model. In my previous attempts, I used my own tissue foil which, even though it makes shaping the model a lot easier, made folding the base almost impossible. I struggled really hard with the the sequence of three consecutive closed unsinks that are necessary for this model. I found that using double tissue made these steps much neater and cleaner looking than what the tissue foil could achieve.

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